Our Products

Polyester PET Chips

We produce Textile grade PET chips in all the lusters (Semi-Dull, Bright, Cationic, Bright Cationic etc.) PET Chips are widely used in the Textile industry and are most commonly known as Textile Grade PET chips.

These textile grade PET Chips are mainly used for making Polyester Filament Yarn like PTY, FDY and Staple Fiber, which are widely used in the Textile Industry.


Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)

We also manufacture Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn, commonly known as Polyester POY, which is the primary form of Polyester yarn. It is also known as Polyester Pre-Oriented Yarn. It is the first form of yarn made directly from PTA & MEG or by spinning Polyester PET Chips. POY is mainly used in texturizing to make textured yarn, also known as Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY). POY can also be used in draw warping for weaving and warp knitting of fabrics.

Bright POY
Denier range: 250 to 700
Filament range: 72 to 288

Semi-Dull POY
Denier range: 50 to 700
Filament range: 14 to 288

Full-Dull POY
Denier range: 100 to 250
Filament range: 36 to 96

Bright Cationic POY
Denier range: 75 to 250
Filament range: 36 to 96

Semi-Dull Cationic POY
Denier range: 75 to 250
Filament range: 36 to 96

Dope Dyed POY in over 500 colours
Denier Range: 50 to 475
Filament range: 14 to 144


Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)

Unlike Polyester Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), the FDY is produced at high spinning speeds. This apart, intermediate drawing also forms a part of the manufacturing process. The yarn, which we supply, is excellently packed, contributing to low breakages in warping and high performance levels. Our product range is as follows:

FDY Bright Trilobal
Denier Range: from 40 denier to 800 denier

FDY Semi-Dull Round
Denier Range: from 40 denier to 300 denier.

FDY Bright Cationic Dyeable
Denier Range: from 40 to 300 denier.

FDY Semi Dull Cationic Dyeable
Denier range: 40 to 300 denier


Draw Texturized Yarn (DTY)

We are also producers of Polyester Textured Yarn, manufactured from the thermoplastic materials, which can be textured by heat setting at a certain temperature in a standard condition, resulting in a polyester textured yarn of greater substance, higher stretch quality, and with a pleasant texture. This yarn belongs to the products, which form a part of polyester filament yarn, and is widely used in knitting and weaving. It is also useful in art ware decorating.

Semi-Dull DTY
Denier range: 30 to 1200
Filament range: 14 to 576

Bright DTY
Denier range: 150 to 1200
Filament range: 72 to 576

Full-Dull DTY
Denier Range: 50 to 300
Filament range: 36 to 144

Cationic Dyeable DTY
Denier range: 50 to 300
Filament range: 36 to 144


Air Texturized Yarn (ATY)

We supply ATY, yarns that can offer an entirely different look and hand to any fabric. It can be used in a very broad range of fabrics from simple lightweight scrim all the way to very heavy-duty soft luggage fabrics, from lightweight swim wear to heavy weight parkas. Several filament yarns can be mixed to construct the ideal ATY for a certain endues.

Core and effect yarns
Air slub and nips
Mechanical slub and nips
Denier range: 50 to 1600


Twisted Yarn

We are also the producers of the two for one twister, which was introduced some sixty years ago for filament twisting, has now gained greater use for ply twisting of both spun yarn and filament yarn sectors mainly because of their inherent advantages like the production of long length of knot free yarns facilitates better performance in the subsequent processes and generates higher productivity.

This system is suitable for all types of yarns, except very fine yarns (above 80 s count), produced from all types of fibres. TPM (Twists per meter) range: 80 TPM to 600 TPM.